Outsourcing Simplified

According to a research around 65% of fortune 500 companies are outsourcing their backend operations to stay competitive in the market, here is a chance for you to come in the same league with an outsourcing plan aligned with your firm-wide business strategy.

What do we do?

We offer a variety of services to support back office operations of various Consulting firms by use of advanced and efficient data management tools, our primary services include.


Accounting & Reconciliations

Our accounting services includes software-based bookkeeping and also cover reconciliation of Debtors, Creditors, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Sales, Purchases and Expenses.

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparations

We support in preparation of various compliance return forms under Income Tas, VAT and GST, including reconciliations of tax returns filed with books of accounts.

Financial Statement

Preparation of Financial Statements

Our teams also supports in the preparation and review of periodic financial statements with cross-referenced working papers and variance analysis.

Our Process & Software Expertise

On-boarding with Quvisor Outsourcing is quick and straightforward as is briefly outlined below and is supported by our expertise in use of following commonly used financial reporting software tools such as Xero, MYOB, XPA, Quickbooks, Zoho, BankLink, SAGE, IRIS etc.

Collection of Data from Client

Collection of Data

Your team collects Client’s records and prepares job for outsourcing; Job is allocated to Quvisor Outsourcing over cloud or email.

Job Outsourcing

Job Outsourcing

Team Quvisor receives job and begins work. Queries and further information requirement, if any are emailed to your team.

Our Review Process

Our Review Process

Work is completed and transferred for review with senior managers along with all working papers, final output is sent to your team only after specified review process.

Job Completion

Job Completion

Your team reviews the work, revisions or adjustments if required are informed to us, post which deliverables are finalized.

Client Deliverable

Client Deliverable

Once Outputs are finalized, your team delivers the work to the Client.

What makes us Different!

Adding continuous value and efficiency to your current operations is our core moto, here is how we make it possible.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated account Mangers

Our Dedicated account managers ensure smooth and hassle-free process


Accurate, Timely & Accountable

Our staff undergo rigorous review procedures and ensure that the work is completed to the highest quality within time.

Improve Bottom Line

Improve your Bottom Line

Our outsourcing model helps you to scale your accounting firm, with outcome-based pricing so that you can focus on client relations.

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